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Uffington CC


North Harrow suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Uffington CC on day 2 of their 2011 tour. Outplayed in all 3 disciplines of the game. All players were below their best.

Following the alcohol consumption of the previous night, and the excitement of the NHCC Wii Sports events, the game on day two of the tour was never going to be a classic. To be honest, the writer was too lethargic and had heartburn so would have happily sat on the boundary all game and watched – which was actually what happened.

Rather than give a report of a dull game, I thought I’d list the things I recall from the game: 
1. Their number 5 batsman. Huge guy. Slapped all bowlers round the park. 
2. An unknown Uffington player who kept doing crazy frog impressions. 
3. (EDIT:- We can't put that on the Website! - Matt) 
4. Raghu saying before he went into bat, “I’m going to take my time, play myself in, then chase down the score”. 
5. No one wanting post game beers as journeys home were dreaded. 
6. An unknown NHCC player mistakenly stealing Lever’s NHCC cap. 
7. Yes I had checked by the score board.
Player Ratings

Murray 6 – top scored with bat, got a bonus wicket
Ryatt 5 – disappointed not to go on to make big score, 2 good wickets
Clothier  4 – Unfortunate with a jaffa of a delivery early on
Kerakatty 3 – unfulfilled potential with bat and ball
Jackson 7 – Hit some big blows and bowled very well
Ahmad 4 – not his best day with bat or ball
Bryce 6 – 2 well crafted wickets, but needs to kick on with bat
Barn 5 – One wicket and one run for the skipper who was not leading by example
Lever 5 – Got punished by their batsman, despite lucky wicket.
Lloyd 5 – Kept OK, but batted poorly
Ulzhoefer 6 – batted ok at the end, bowled well for little reward

Teas – Excellent array of cakes, sandwiches and nibbles

Ground – Nice. Pavillion soulless. Area was quiet but lacked character

Opposition – Half and half. Half were quiet and seemed ok.