About Us

North Harrow was formed in 1954 and whilst none of the original members are still playing (though watching us run around the field, we look like a bunch of 80 year olds), we are a small, friendly club, focusing mainly on enjoying the game and more importantly, each others company.

We are a wandering team, playing friendlies on Sundays, mainly in the NW London area, though we sometimes venture further a field depending on the opposition and run weekend long tours to other parts of the country every season or two. We are in the early planning phase of a potential early-season tour to the South of Spain in an upcoming season. 


The philosophy of the team is to give everyone a game; if you bowl, you're likely to bat in the lower half of the order. 
This makes sure that nobody ends up paying their subs and match fees purely to run around in the field and nothing else. 

Because of the nature of Sunday cricket and the typically uncovered pitches that it's played on, there's every chance that numbers 1 through 11 will get some time in the middle in a large number of the matches. 

Long term, we find that the "give everyone a game" strategy has improved the strength of the team immeasurably - the batters have experienced so much time in the middle that many players who began their time with the club somewhat scratchily have developed into rugged, nuggety accumulators and the lower order has, through necessity, come to include some destructive (and in some cases bizarrely unorthodox) stroke-makers. Although we never had it in mind, the "give everyone a game" ethos has become a tool for players of all levels to improve their cricket. 

As I write this, I think back to my days starting off in league cricket and the Saturdays that I had spent not bowling, not getting a bat at number 10 and fielding Mid-On to both ends... those games were not as fun as you would imagine and is something we are passionate about not replicating at our club. Asides from our low low fees and subscription costs, it is this all-inclusive mindset that sets us apart from so many clubs up and down this country. 

We are always on the look for new players, so if you are interested in playing, please don’t hesitate to contact us – all standards are welcome and you will always be given a game, however good or bad you may feel you are.