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2019 award night

North Harrow CC’s annual Awards Do was held on SUNDAY 1st DECEMBER. Congratulations to all the winners!

Should Have Gone to Specsavers Award – Sukh Barn for shouting at the oppositions umpire believing it was Nemesh
Bambi on Ice Award – Kevin Tobin, for falling over when trying to take a catch
Dolly Drop of the Season – Sal Jayaweera, for being asleep and dropping an easy one on tour
Human Sieve Award – Jay Patel, for dropping 75% of all catches this season
Catch of the Season – Raghu Kerkatty, for a stunner on tour
Fielder of the Season – Arun Kumar for taking 11 catches, Sukh Barn for taking 86% of all chances
Tap Award – Jay Patel, for conceding an avg of 6.8 runs per over
Best Individual Figures of the Season – Ahsun Khan 5-38 vs Pinner and Sukh Barn 5-23 vs Fives
Bowler of the Season – Ahsun Khan, for an incredible 42 wickets
Obstruction of the Season – Sajid Iqbal, for being dismissed for obstructing a fielder, by smashing the ball away, just as it was about to picked up to run him out
Diamond Duck Award – Nemesh Patel, twice, for being run out without facing a ball
Golden Ducks – Ahsun, Sukh, Harry, Arun, Olly, Raghu, Renid, Kaleem and Abdul, a club record of 9
Duck Award – of all people, Ahsun Khan for 3 ducks including a Golden
Highest Individual Score of the Season – Robin Murray with a 100
Best Batsman of the Season – Sajid Iqbal, with 509 runs and an avg of 36.4
Captains Pick – Amar Ryatt, for continued commitment, support and love of NHCC
Chairmans Pick – Sukh Barn, for captaining, taking on more responsibility and to highlight that sometimes the Captain needs looking after with love
Most Improved – Sajid Iqbal, for looking like a proper batsman and moving his avg from 8 runs to over 36
Players Player of the Season – Arun Kumar, 6 votes, for doing the stats, bringing Biryani on tour, for making new members feel so welcome and for being the nicest man on the planet
Player for the Season – Ahsun Khan, 42 wickets, 270 runs and having a brilliant all round season
10 Years Long Service – Ahsun Khan