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South Harrow 01.05.11


Match report by Andrew Bryce... 

Battle of the Harrow's. 

An early start to the season meant layers of kit for the southern hemisphere representatives of NHCC. The wind was so viciously strong and cold that even Fielder of the Year 2010 Runner-Up Mark Lever was frozen solid when the ball came to him at point and he failed to stop it going through him. The game was rusty and NHCC needed to get rid of the winter cobwebs. You could definitely see those that hadn't netted but it was also difficult to pick out those who had! 

The game was played in it's usual high spirit, racial slurs and histerical laughs. NHCC were put in to bat after Captain losing the toss. The innings was built around Robin's 99 (have to start converting 50's to three figures); shame, Ajit's 40 and the innings extras of 35*. Not much else to talk about here. If Fraser was playing he would say "rusty gate this and rusty gate that". Basically the other 9 batsmen finish with single figures and totalled 24 runs which is a terrible stat. We can only improve; and will improve (positive outlook considering I'm writing this after getting smashed by Whalers CC [minus a 3rd Umpire]).

Lunch was a farce (very consistent) with no meat selection except for the sym-pathetic Bacon Walkers Crisps on show. The bread rolls were good though and so were the swiss-rolls (is that what you guys call them over here??).

SHCC 'claimed' they reversed their batting line-up which i highly doubt. I think they picked them out of a hat at random because neither us nor them knew what quality was coming out next. SHCC got off to a solid start until TB replaced Sukh at silly mid-off only to take a spectacularly fluke, jammy, lucky, 1-out-of-1000, "reflex" catch to get the wickets tumbling. The expression on TB's face was mirrored by that of the batsman's. Dan recovered from the knock to the jaw while celebrating and went on to finish with 1-19 at 3.80 economy which is a great start to the season (usually Dan's first pole is achieved after 5-7 matches). 

A week after the game and I am battling to remember the drinks score but they were about 6 down with their best bats to come (remember "alleged" best bats). NHCC slowly chipped away and worked hard in the prevailing wind. A special mention about Josh who toiled away in tricky conditions behind the stumps and prevented many extras being added to the total; only dropping one catch. While on the subject TB dropped one at long-on which would have meant an earlier beer (sorry everyone); Sukh didn't drop one (really?!) and Lever got stitched out of position at gully and Fletch dropped two (*please amend fantasy league here*). Lever didnt let his mis-field and drop catch put him down. He came on to wrap up the SHCC innings in style with figures of 3 for 10 off 4 overs; quite unbelievable really. 

Sukh picked up 3 poles too but ends up in the shadows against Lever's figures. Also a mention about Ahsun's bowling upfront that always puts batsmen under pressure and Geoff had comendable figures of 1 for 22 off 7 overs to restrict the ever-climbing run-rate. SHCC fell short of the target by 35 runs besides the last stand putting up a desperate fight against some cameo bowling from Cloth and Fletch. Having a runner was just nonsense when he ended up dancing down the track too. All in all a good start to the season; a victory! May there be many more victories and warmer days throughout the summer.