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British Airways CC 22.05.11


Match report by Matt Clothier (1st Innings) and Sukh Barn (2nd Innings)...

Given that, as far as I know, we forgot to appoint someone to do a match report, I'll step in and do this one on the fly. 

First of all, it's only correct to mention that I arrived at the ground - about 10-15 minutes early, to find that Amar, Sukh and one of Sukh's students had already arrived and were busily warming up. The next person to arrive was, even more surprisingly, the second latest man in all of cricket, our very own Raghu Kerakatty. 

Jas & TB, after having gotten last minute confirmation of where we were playing next rocked up and the team slowly collected, awaiting the arrival of angry skipper Robin Murray (or any of the opposition players). 

As we were running about 30 minutes late by the time the key figures had all showed up, Robin sent Sukh to toss up whilst the rest of the team headed to the changing rooms to get ready. Not wanting to be the brunt of a (probably appropriate) lecture on how none of us are capable of organising a changing room by ourselves, I got changed on the field.

We won the toss and, in an unusual break from established procedures, elected to bat. 

First Innings

Raghu and Robin started the innings with the 890th best batsman in Last Man Stands Cricket (source) facing the first ball. The new ball bowling seemed tight from both ends but perhaps equally difficult was the strong wind blowing across the ground. Eventually, Raghu was out in the the teens with 36 runs on the North Harrow board. 

Amar came in at first drop and looked tidy until playing around a straight one. Your hero, the webmaster himself, Matt Clothier, came in next and looked tidy before also playing around a straight one. Next in was our other Ryatt - Deep, who, on debut (at least in so far as the two of us haven't played together before) looked tidy and managed not to play around a straight one. Robin perished next for an uncharacteristically laboured 48 off of 78 balls and it was left to Deep, TB (who toe -ended the only 6 of the day) and a very nice late innings cameo from Saurabh to push the score to 182. 

3 other things of significant note:

1.    Sukh's student, Jugal, took the ultimate 'one for the team' by smashing his face off of a top edged pull off the 39.5th ball of the innings. Nasty blow but, to be fair, he took it quite well and we all hope to see him back in whites once the swelling goes down. 

2.    Jas came in to face 39.6th ball of the innings and was cleaned up for a golden duck. 

3.    Sukh also batted but, bless his cotton socks, lets just say it wasn't his day as he was lucky to get 1 before departing.

182 seemed a pretty decent total but there were a number of factors that made it difficult to judge - the strong wind, the slow outfield, the decent but slightly slow pitch and the short boundaries all leading to different conclusions.  

Mid-Innings Interval 

Following a tea of typical sandwiches, a selection of fruits, the wrong kind of tea (yuk), some delicious Danish pastries and an ambulance ride to A&E for Jugal, we started our reply with Jas and Saurabh leading the bowling assault. Just as Saurabh was thrown the ball to work with, I will now throw you over to Mr. Sukh Barn to bring you the exciting conclusion of this game. 

Second Innings

...to be continued...