2011 Season

Saturday, 1st October, we had our annual awards night at The Trinity Bar, Harrow, at which a variety of quality trophies and a lot of cheap rubbish was handed out in recognition of the various performances throughout the 2011 season. Although it was a low turnout, it was a fun evening, and in the coming weeks photo’s will hopefully be on the website. Just to warn you, all awards were given out based upon good performances or just for a laugh, so I hope no offence is taken....well, not much any way.

In the meantime, here is a summary of the winners, and in some cases, losers of the evening.


1. Batting Awards

Best Bat  - this is awarded for the most runs scored – Robin Murray, scoring 609 runs, avg 55, incl 1 hundred. Other good performers were Amar scoring 327 runs, avg 36 and Ben 162 runs, avg 32.

Duck Award – for getting the most ducks in the season – Mark Lever, for 3 ducks

Best FiguresRobin and Amar Ryatt, for joint top scoring with 110


2. Bowling Awards

Best Bowler – for the most wickets – Ahsun Khan, for taking 19 wickets, economy of 4.35 runs per over. Other good performers included Amar 16 wkts and Sukh 14 wkts

Tap Award – for conceding the most runs per over – TB conceding 5.76 runs per over from his 25 overs, with plenty of full tosses and half trackers.

Best FiguresAhsun, for 5-14 vs Mayfields


3. Fielding Awards

Best Overall Fielder – partly skippers pick, partly stat driven – Amar for taking 7 catches some of which were key wickets, 78% success rate, and all round good ground fielder performances throughout the whole season.....also provided Ahsun with most of his wickets too

Catch of the Season – partly skippers pick, but mainly because he turned up to the awards – Ben Lloyd, for his diving, one handed catch as keeper vs Parkfield

Worst Catcher – stats driven – Sukh Barn for dropping 4 out of 5 catches, a staggering 20% success rate....oh and all done whilst lying on his back. Other “safe” hands were Ben who dropped 5 (but caught more) and TB who dropped 3


Other Awards (some of which are much prized after.....most of which are not!)

1. Best Rant of the Season – this was voted upon as there were many contenders this year (please remember, just a bit of fun Dan!!!)

1. Robin  – for my expletive filled rant at my teammates for totally ignoring me after I got out, having scored a stylish (my words of course) 87.....no applause, not even a “well played” just silence... I know how Botham felt at Lords, 1981 – as k your Dad about it, Ben

2. Ahsun – for ranting at his teammates, well anyone who was prepared to listen in fact including the tea lady and an epiletic dog, for never winning Man of the Match awards and how unfair it all was.....the ranted lasted at least 3 weeks

3. Dan Ulzhoefer – for suddenly rounding on his teammates and storming out of the pub, having shouted at Garth “you, you of all people should know better!!!”......only Garth and TB were present, but it was apparently quite funny (and very scary).


Winner – Ahsun


2. Racist of the Season – only one contender for crimes against the Jews on Tour, the winner was TB......a proud moment for the Bryce family no doubt. In fact, he was going home to phone his mum immediately......now, no sterotypes please, about racists and South Africans etc, otherwise we will pull out the stereotype of all Aussies being good batsman


3. The Tour Race Award – after sinking a few drinks on the Saturday night on tour, with Amar shouting, Garth swearing, TB sleeping and Sukh suggesting we should play stronger teams, it was decided to finally put paid to the on going debate of “who is the slowest player at the club”......actually, no one remembers who came last, so it instead we found out who actually is the fastest. Therefore, the following day we had a race (well 2 races in fact due to a dodgy false start on the first), with surprising results, as in spite of having short, fat hairy legs, Lever came first.....well, who would have guessed.....no really, who!


4. The Usain Bolt Award – as we failed on tour to resolve it, this award was given to the player who is mystifyingly slow between the wickets i.e look s like he should be quick, but seems to have a disconnect between his brain and his legs – it was voted for, by his so called team mates, and it was quite a long, shortlist of TB, Raghu and Ajit, though Matt, Dan, Stefan and Amar just missed out on being nominated. The winner, who was over the moon with delight (check the photo) is Raghu 


5. Why did you turn up Award? – this award goes to the player, who’s performance so was great on the day, that if he’d decided not to turn up at all, we really would have stood a better chance of winning the match. The winner is Ahsun, who opened the batting and got a golden duck, dropped 2 dolly catches and then bowled 3 overs, 0-29......we lost with 8 balls to spare.....thanks for turning up, mate!


6. Veterans Award – for the oldest player (have to be over 50 to qualify), who managed to bowl the most overs – Jas, who tottered off with a walking stick as his award, in the hope it might help him with his second spells


7. Most Improved PlayerBen Lloyd, for increasing his batting avg by 80%, to 32, scoring runs at important times, often adding impetus to the middle order and scoring more runs this season in 5 less innings


8. The Least Improved Player (or The Most De-Improved Player)Raghu (again very delighted to win this award....not), for his batting avg dropping from 36 last year to just over 7 this year and for his bowling avg/economy going the wrong way.....never mind there’s always next season


9. Player’s PlayerAmar, for excellent performances with both bat and ball, and for shouting after drinking half a lager


10. Fantasy League Winner – this is still under contention, as I have asked for a re-count, although “apparently” the stats say Amar has won.....think I might join Ahsun with his rant!


Lastly, there was a presentation made to Garth, who is sadly (for us, not him and his family) are leaving us to run his own hotel down in Bristol. He was presented with a couple of enlarged pictures of the team on tour. I know, I speak on behalf of everyone, he will be hugely missed, but wish him and the family nothing but the best and success in their new venture......now, we have to find the “second best” player in Wales to replace him. In fact the team photo from tour looked really good and is a lovely memento, so if anyone would like a copy let me know, cost £10.